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What to Look for When Purchasing a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Every bird lover and ornithologist knows that when it comes to feeding the birds and attracting them to your garden or balcony, you have to use the proper bird feeder, one which is resistant to squirrel attacks. We all have experienced the “squirrel storm” in our bird feeders many times, where, in our wish to attract and feed birds, we put seeds for them into a feeder, but the fearless squirrels attack it immediately and leave no food for the birds. The birds, on the other side, are scared of the squirrels and they will rightly avoid them, especially when there is nothing to eat too.

So more and more often we see on the market new models of bird feeders called “squirrel proof”. Using different types of technology and designs, manufacturers are trying in many ways to keep the squirrels away from the seeds, and they seem to be accomplishing this task more and more successfully every day. Here are some things, which you have to keep in mind when it comes to buying a squirrel proof bird feeder:


You have to figure out what size should be appropriate for your place (garden, backyard, balcony) and your budget, before buying anything. The bigger the size, the bigger the quantity of bird seeds it can hold. Also you have to think about where would you hang it – it should be somewhere secure and far away as possible from squirrels or cats.


Some companies use low rated materials like plastic for making their bird feeders. It is cheaper, but when the plastic is thinner, it is not very resistant to any squirrel. A good designed squirrel proof bird feeder should be made by durable and strong materials – wood, steal, iron, glass. These materials are not only strong enough to shield against the claws and teeth of the squirrel, but also are good decision for any open space. They will last longer under the weather conditions and that way you can enjoy the songs of the birds for longer.

Feeding ports

You will have to pay special attention to this part of the feeder, as it is the most exposed place with frequent attacks from the forest rodents. There are many types and designs of the feeding ports, but the most important thing to look at is the material and the technique of distributing the seeds to the bird’s peckers. The ports need to be made from iron or steel, with minimum exposure of the seeds to the outside world.

Easy maintenance

If you want to buy such a product, you have to choose one that is easy to maintain. Bigger seed containers are a plus if you don’t want to refill them often.

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