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Tips to Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder

Feeding birds is a lovely hobby. They love many kind of seeds, corn and peanuts, but the problem is that there is one more forest fluffy tailed paw which will do just about everything to get to the birds food, no matter how difficult a task. This is the clever and playful squirrel, which is always in a mood for a snack and doesn’t care how hard it will be to get to it. So he uses every idea and every power he has to get to the seeds and to destroy or damage the bird feeders we have put up.

The most important thing when it comes to protecting the food for your birds is to harm no one. Indeed, if we love birds, then we must extend all that love to other members of the the animal kingdom. Squirrels are no exception. They might be an annoyance at times, but they are cute little creatures that can be very entertaining to watch, especially when it comes to figuring out the mechanisms of the feeding ports.

Here are Some Tips to Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder:

Limit the access

Squirrels can climb very well and they can get almost everywhere without much effort. So, if you want to limit their access to the bird feeder, you will have to remember one rule: location.

The location of the bird feeder has a huge importance, because if you position it at the right place, you can make it very difficult for the squirrels to come on in and try to destroy it. First of all, you have to make sure that there are no trees around the bird feeder. They are like a highway for the squirrels, so avoid placing your bird feeder near a tree.  The other important thing is to place it at the right height, because if you put the bird feeder too low, then it will become for sure the next victim of the squirrels in the area. You have to put it to be at least 1.5 meters high, without access to nothing and in a clean area. That way the squirrels will have to just accept that they are not going to get there.

Secure the feeding ports

The feeding ports are the most vulnerable part of the feeder when it comes to squirrel attacks. If they are like holes, you can put a little net, or some kind of door, so only the pecker of the bird has access to the seeds inside. You can secure the net around the hole to make sure that no bigger animal can enter there, or to have main access to the food.  The only thing you need to be careful for is the size of the security net – it has to be big enough for the seeds to pass trough.

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