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Shafer Seed Company 281719 Sunflower Hearts Coarse Review

The Shafer Seed Company Course Sunflower Hearts, this product is exactly what it says on the label. Large shelled sunflower seeds which are whole and perfect for bigger birds, squirrels and other pets.

If you’re an avid bird watcher, bird feeder or just someone with small pets that eat sunflower seeds then you know the hassles involved in using unshelled seeds. The inconvenience of having to clean up the hulls that pile up under the feeder or in the cage or on your deck, having to weed out wild sunflowers in your yard or on your lawn not to mention having your other larger pets like dogs throw up from eating the hulls that or creatures leave behind. Plus there’s the dust which you sometimes get from dealing with sunflower chips.

If you’re looking for an easier way to feed your birds and other small pets then course sunflower seeds from the Shafer Seed company are the way to go. They package large whole sunflower seeds that are clean and easy to use in most bird feeders, even the squirrel deterrent type. Most birds love these seeds and you might have an influx of new visitors to your yard.

The squirrels aren’t complaining either. They have no problem coming onto your deck for a taste of these delicious seeds. They might even climb into your bird feeder if they can or just forage underneath for whatever seeds the birds let drop from the feeder.

These seeds are even clean enough to eat yourself if you want to but be warned, the birds really do love this stuff and once you start feeding them they will demand that you never stop. That might not necessarily be a problem for you if you enjoy doing it and have the time but it might hit you a bit hard in the pocket. These seeds come in 50lb bags and cost almost $100 a bag. When you consider how often you need to refill your bird feeder, you might want to be sure you can afford to keep your birds in such luxury.

Another consideration is the kinds of birds in your area. Not all birds like the same seeds. Also, these big seeds are too large for smaller birds like finches. Storage is also a consideration when buying such large quantities.

All things considered this is a great product!