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Why You Need a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Fury Disturbance Squirrels can be such a menace for our bird feeders. We often find them destroyed and emptied by these fearless and clever hungry squirrels, which are always in a mood for some trouble! As we know, squirrels are very clever creatures and they easily attracted to bird feeders, …

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Birdscapes 111MA Deluxe Grandview Bird Feeder Review

Do you like listening to the songs of the birds and find this activity very soothing and relaxing? Do you dream for a short escape in nature, but never have the time to do it? Now liven the forest in your back yard or balcony with the specialized products for birds …

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Trixie Pet Products Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo Review

The Trixie Pet Products Wooden Bird Feeder Gazebo is is a delightful addition to a bird’s lover backyard. It is ideal for gardens, gazebos and balconies and is bound to attract finch, chickadees and other small birds.     Specifications: Large roof overhang Ample landing space Weatherproof solid pine construction …

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Droll Yankees Flipper Feeder Review

Over the last year I have used many bird feeders but I wasn’t truly satisfied with any single one. Those weren’t working as I expected. There were some that weren’t very accessible for my birds and squirrels were a constant problem as well. But then I found the Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof …

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Woodstream Wild Bird 735 Preserve Bird Feeder Review

The Woodstream Wild Bird 735 Preserve Bird Feeder is an attractive diamond shaped metallic barrier aesthetically designed to keep those pesky squirrels out. Its squirrel protected barrier ensures that your sweet singers’ feed will be free, sound and out of fear. Its diamond shaped structure will ensure that your birds’ feed undisturbed. …

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