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More Birds Caged Vintage Glass Songbird Feeder with Feeding Tray Review

With the look of an antique gas street lamp, the More Birds Caged Vintage Glass Songbird Feeder with Feeding Tray is a squirrel proof, tube feeder that will beautify any yard. With a capacity of up to 1.5 pounds of bird seed, this feeder also comes with an adjustable thistle feeder for finches. The cage around the tube is designed to deter squirrels and larger birds from devouring all the bird feed before the songbirds get any. The lid at the top unscrews easily and the top of the tube has a wide mouth for easy filling. Clean up is also easy. The metal top can be unscrewed from the bottle, the cage comes off the basin and the basin can simply be unscrewed for complete access to the bottle.

The More Birds Caged Vintage Glass Songbird Feeder has adjustable perches which allows you to select the type of bird feed you want to serve to your feathered friends.

Looks aside, this feeder isn’t all its cracked up to be. The squirrels, tenacious as they are, figure out that they can simply stick their heads in to get at the feed almost before the birds do. The adjustable holes for different feed are a bit on the small side. The biggest one isn’t even big enough to allow black oil sunflower seeds to pass through. Due to the small size of the feeding holes, the seeds are not able to pass freely into the feeding tray and the feeder often has to be shaken to allow the seeds to pass through.

This is a beautiful feeder; the antique look is wonderful to decorate your yard or patio. It is easy to clean which is a plus but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. The holes need to be made wider so that this bird feeder can actually feed the birds. No one has the time to monitor their bird feeder and go out to shake it every time the birds need more food.

The makers seem to have underestimated the squirrels, who seem to be a lot more perceptive and resourceful than they thought. It’s almost like child’s play for them. The only plus is that the squirrels aren’t able to dump the food out of the feeder.

Beautiful design but the functionality issues need to be fixed.

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